Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Juggling and adjusting

It won't be an easy year, but I will find joy in the smiles, hugs and accomplishments of the short folk. Whether it's on the faces of the children or watching their progress or having a family return with a younger child, I will find it.

I love kindergarten. It's true, it can be challenging at times, but oh so rewarding. 

This year's challenge? This is the first time I will have worked with a teacher who's not wholly confident or bubbling over with ideas over the task ahead. It's her third year at our school and her third grade. I imagine that would be tough for anyone. 

The juggling part comes from knowing exactly how my last teacher (we worked together for 6+ years) would be setting up and preparing for the coming days. I had no idea how difficult it would be to not go on auto-pilot with no clear direction. 

I enjoy telling people that I'm Robin to my teachers' Batman personas, but my inner Batman has begun sitting on my shoulder egging me on. Hopefully, he doesn't find a pitchfork to prod me with.

Wish me luck.

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