Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Good-byes

These past two weeks we've been reminding the short folks daily about upcoming endings and beginning: "This is the last time we'll be doing science in kindergarten. The next time you have science, you'll be a first grader."

Yes, I'm doing my yearly June routine of becoming one of those annoying people (on New Years Eve) who say things like, "this is the last time I'm washing my hair this year!". My short audience loves it, which makes it fun for me, too. But I don't do it just for fun, it's part of the process of encouraging them to start thinking about the cycle they've just begun. The cycle of beginnings and endings, hellos and good-byes, and climbing the ladder of responsibilities.

Yesterday, we had our end of kindergarten celebrations--no, not graduations. I chafe at the term, "kindergarten graduation". Graduation, I believe, should be reserved for those big moments when diplomas are earned. Besides, celebration fits this group best--they definitely know how to enjoy each moment.

This past school year has been full of changes, a reunion with a teacher I love AND two groups of very energetic children. And yet, with all of that going on, I'm feeling a strong connection to this year's group of short folk. It must go both ways, because several parents came up to me during our celebration to tell me how often my name comes up at home. I won't lie, it warms my heart to know the connection goes both ways and to know all that love I put into my days makes a difference. {sigh} Now it's nearly time to spend my summer break basking in that glow AND regenerating for the next group.

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