Monday, August 18, 2014

Tomato Galette

Ever since N and I were fortunate enough to enjoy a fresh blackberry galette during a visit to The Bread Board in Falls City several years ago, galettes have been on my mind. I'd never heard of them before that day, but thanks to Google I've learned the crusts are as varied as the possible fillings.

[Enter our summer friend, the lovely tomato--or even better, the heirloom tomato.] 

Last week, dear Fran had been searching for tomato galette recipes. In her absence, I found a printed copy of Smitten Kitchen's version in the printer tray. She's been leaving me on my own in the kitchen, which can either be "fine and dandy" or "umm, what were you trying to make?". Lucky for the eaters in the house, all was fine and dandy.

A couple of years ago, we began buying the giant sized tomato plants from Godfrey's Nursery. As a result, we've been able to harvest tomatoes instead of just growing plants in our shady backyard. Add to that the lovely heirloom tomatoes that came our way via MIG's farm.

Enough chatter, here's what I did:
I made the crust from the Smitten Kitchen recipe up above, but used a Food52 tomato tart recipe as a guide for what went into that crust. I didn't roast the garlic, but I did use a fork and olive oil to make a paste. Also, I added about a Tablespoon of pre-made pesto. The tomatoes could've cared less about the garlic, pesto, onion and cheese. Their bright flavor shone through. Each bite made me swoon. The tomato galette is a keeper.

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