Tuesday, January 28, 2020


     I was kept busy in my dream (the one I remember) last night. It's a vague and foggy memory now, but it was all about Hope dog losing parts of herself. My job was trying to locate and reattach the lost parts. The strangest thing? When I shared with N and learned he had a similar dream. Which is a BIG deal, because N rarely remembers dreams--if ever.

     What's it all about? Most likely her age--she's the oldest of the two. But so bizarre to dream about her snout falling off unexpectedly and me believing all I had to do was put it back. But I was fine with the falling, flying, warring dreams? LOL Maybe there ought to be a chapter on dreams in the book we ought to be handed at the age of 10ish. "Here are some types of dreams you might experience at certain times of your life"  Yeah, that oughta do it!

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