Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 It wasn't until I began to compose this in my head, that it occurred to me, this name I've admired for so many years, was not a one-of-a-kind handle crafted by parents, but an "a" away from Myrna. {K takes a moment to ponder this again} 

Not only did I like to say her name, that usually brought a smile, but I enjoyed being in her company. Myrn, made this wee runt, feel special--much like my Auntie M's stepdaughter, Linda (yet another epiphany). 

Myrn, came along at a certain time of my life. I had entered the age of change, and there she was, dispensing essential advice and knowledge. Reading, together with me, one of those dreaded pamphlets, that my adults pushed across the table in my direction. My two older sisters, had each other, but not this runt--I was on my own (or so I felt). 

All to say--thank you, Myrn. You were there when this runt needed you. And you, too, Linda. You also aided this runt. Reach out and help, whenever you see a need, but also check to see if it's what's needed. "Softly, softley, catchee monkey ..."

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