Thursday, August 2, 2007

and August walked in

Ah, Zuzu the cat, has decided to hop up and help me type. Hmmmmm, a cat challenge! She's been letting us know how traumatic it is for a cat when her owners leave. Such a people creature!

We drove up North for a job interview yesterday; to a land of trees, new developments and happy smiling people who make eye contact. I reclined in the comfy truck, read my current book, called my sis to chat and see if she could look up a local coffee roaster's address and then read some more. Nice way to spend an afternoon, in my book. :>)
After the 1 1/2 hour interview, we drove to the downtown area and found the coffee roaster's shop. I bought some Dancing Goats coffee, of course. It looked to be a spacious, relaxed establishment in an old, high, ceilinged building - lots of comfy, medium dark wood everywhere.
Then we stopped at Costco to gas up, picked up a few groceries and drove to K & K's house for a delicious, finger licking dinner that started with margaritas, then continued with guacamole salad, sock-eye salmon, ribs, cantaloupe and sour dough bread. Oh my gosh! One of those dinners where you wish your stomach didn't ever reach capacity! Of course, the great company always adds to the food, doesn't it?
We stopped in to say "hey" to Ma & Pa and C & L, before heading south. During those moments, I want to divide myself in two so I don't miss visiting with anyone. {sigh}
We were more fortunate than those freeway travelers heading north. Our construction on the south side barely slowed us down in two places, but on the other side the trucks and cars were strung out like gaudy, over done Christmas lights.
F called on our way home and said she and J have found a place to live in the land of peanut butter pie! Yay! One less thing for all of us to fret about. Moving day is weekend after next.

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