Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, today F went in for the injections into her appendectomy scar. She said she can feel some numbness on the upper side of the incision, but not down below. So, walking (lifting the legs) is still slow going. She'll be going in to see the pain therapist on a weekly basis and back for her follow-up appointment with the pain doctors in 2 weeks. I feel like we sit and wait for the intervals in between appointments to speed by us.
Tomorrow she goes in to see her primary care doctor. One of the items the pain clinic wants her PriCare Dr. to address, is to make some needed adjustments to her list of medications. I'm glad they're so thorough in their health screening - makes me wish all of the medical people she's come in contact with would have been.
She sent in her transcripts to the OHSU nursing program on Monday. Nice to think about the future again.
I can't believe I go in to work on Thursday. How many kinders will we have this year? What kind of classes will we have?

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