Thursday, April 17, 2008

The birds and the bees

The birds aren't eating as much or as often as they were in March, but the bees are all over the cherry blossoms. This afternoon, I saw one bumble that was so big I thought he was a hummingbird.

The day turned out fairly nice. To the point of being able to remove my fleece mid-afternoon.
I took F to her PT appointment during the best part of the day. Seems like I've been seeing the PM short people every other day lately. It works out best for L, but I hate to miss out on the sweet ones.
F pushed herself (probably too hard) and made dinner in time for N to eat before leaving. She said she combined a tabouli and fritata recipe. Seemed more like a veggie pilaf with quinoa to me. Whatever it was called, it was delicious.
She's been snoozing ever since. I wonder if the last patch did get damaged when she was getting ready for her CAT scan in Portland.

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