Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Done, done at last!

Well, except for one classroom . . .
She meant well, but I do begin to lose patience (even with a saint like W) when someone repeats the same action expecting different results. I suppose we all do it everyday. BUT when you try to email someone a file and they tell you what they received wasn't what you meant to send and to feel free to hand them a paper copy . . . AND did I mention we work in the same building? This is one of the times I feel slightly annoyed.
It "only" took 3.5 hours this evening, but I made corrections and printed out 2 sets of art labels for 20 classrooms. I know there will be more corrections. People don't always thoroughly check their rough drafts, but the main bit is done and I feel good.
Especially after the delicious dinner of chicken meat balls in a tasty marinara sauce, F made us. She used the rosemary she swiped from Dr. Pitchford's flower bed. If I'm pushing the wheelchair of the thief, does that make me an accomplice?
I let one of our teachers (one of my favs) vent to me this afternoon. I'm glad she's going to do something about this event. She sent down a group of her students to the library to do a research project on global warming, only to have the aide tell them, "there's no such thing as global warming.". And then she scuttled them off to the computer lab to amuse themselves. She did tell them all the whys and wherefores she learned from Bill O'Rielly and friends. :>O Excuse me? There's a code that librarians must follow (or anyone who works in a library, I would think). And this definitely broke that code. The feeling I had after she told me, was the shock someone must feel after a holy place has been violated.
Well, that's how I feel about libraries.
I would've liked to have been a librarian.
There I said it.

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