Saturday, April 19, 2008

I wish sleep to all those who seek it

F must've had a sleepless night. She's been snoozing since N and I have been up. The two of us ate and showered-up to be ready to take her around today. N would be out working on installing the new trellis (what's the plural of that?? trellisi? hahaha), if it wasn't snowing big sloppy flakes. And so we surf . . .
I do have a couple of computer projects i could dig into today - labels for Evening of the Arts. The teachers decided they wanted a couple of changes made to the labels this year. Makes the project a bit more time intensive. I'd like to start working on a new design I was thinking about yesterday, too. Oh, and there's the science certificates. Maybe I should make a calendar for organizing my work at home. Otherwise, I tend to piddle away my time on the computer.
I'm so ready to be finished with the book I've been reading. It's interesting enough that I don't want to give up on it and just boring enough that I only read a few pages a night.
I saw that Ann Patchett has a new book out. Not a novel, but an essay. Her publisher talked her into taking a speech she gave at Sarah Lawrence College graduation and expanding on it.
The girl did wake around 1 or 1:30. She said she woke up at midnight and was unable to go back to sleep. :>( A couple hours later, after she'd eaten and was ready, we went to Costco to pick-up one of her prescriptions and shopped for awhile. Then we drove out to Borders to let her browse. Our last stop was Freddie's to buy lunch stuff and a few things for the chili she made us for dinner.
We watched our Netflix movie, Transamerica. Good story and great acting! Creeped us out a bit at first - Lynette from Desperate Housewives playing a transsexual man well on his way to becoming a woman. They did such a good job crafting the story, that we soon forgot.

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