Friday, April 18, 2008


Happy hour is over and so is our yummy dinner. I swear, I've never eaten as many vegetables in my entire lifetime as I have in the past year. Life changing? Perhaps. Time will tell.
All was good in short people land today. :>) We had good help in the morning and I was in the swing of things by afternoon. We logged in a couple of laps on the track, too. So many good, sweet children ( both 5th grade buddies and the short people)!
Next week is (what they used to call it in the old days) secretary's week. The kindergarten group decided to buy the office people lunch. Hopefully, that doesn't mess up the rest of C kiva's plans. I gave the office crew a "Break Point" menu to browse and asked the three of them which day they'd prefer. Please don't let us forget to call it in Monday!
Tomorrow, I should do the right thing and go to the auntie's memorial service, but we told F we'd take her to Saturday Market to buy herb plants and to an Obama rally on the capitol steps. F is our priority right now.
We haven't decided if we'll watch Veronica Mars or the netflix movie tonight. I don't think I'll fall asleep
- don't quote me on that.

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