Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's hear it for FRIDAYS!!

Busy, busy day, but it did go well. We did math game rotations, buddies and walked on the track.
I nearly forgot I had a hair appointment at 4. Around 3:45, it popped into my head - Karyn!! And I grabbed my stuff, said good-bye and dashed out to the car. Amazingly, I only hit a couple of red lights on the long trek downtown. I called to let her know I'd be a couple minutes late, but turns out it didn't matter. She was still busy with her son's hair.
She cut and cut and cut on my hair and we chattered and chattered about all kinds of things. What a gift to have found a stylist with such great heart, who loves to talk and share! Thank you again, Jenny. :>)
F thinks she's beginning to feel the effects of the patch - the sleepy part. Right now, she's up on her kitchen stool making us dinner.
It's Friday, we're at home cooking and all is good. :>)

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