Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Loop planes, loop planes, lovely, lovely, loop planes!

Today was our last science day to make something that floats or glides or spins in the air. It was my favorite, "Loop Plane", that I found in one of my first children's science books years ago. We use a straw, 2 - 1" strips of laminated paper (one 5.5" & one 8.5" in length). We use transparent tape to attach a strip at each end of the straw - perpendicular to the straw, but parallel to each other. Two more pieces of tape are needed to bend and secure each strip into a loop, with the straw inside each loop. Two past students, 5th graders now, came by while we were putting our planes together and commented on how they still have theirs.
"Really?", I asked.
And Austin replied, "yeah, you can tape those strips over and over again."
Nice to get that kind of warm, fuzzy, feedback on a day when the short people have been on the grumpy and noisy side.
F has been particularly tired the past several days, but she was up again today to make us dinner. Tonight she made gluten-free pizza crust and heaped asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken sausage, pesto and cheese on top. Very tasty, indeed.

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