Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nothing but blue skies . . .

Okay, so maybe I didn't eat as well in the 24 hour period prior to my fasting blood draw as I had planned, BUT I did remember not to put food in my mouth from dinner until the needle. Ah, the tall mug'o coffee sitting in the cup holder of the Fyundai . . . waiting for me . . . filling the car with that lovely, rich, smell that makes my breath repel even the strongest, small person. Despite the fairly long line of people waiting, it only took 25 minutes from the time I walked in the clinic's door.
Today in science, I made parachutes with small groups in the tiled area. This is the first time I've used squares made from cut apart plastic, storage bags. The school garbage bags were so flimsy, but worked well. I must've decided to change, because of the ease of cutting the bags apart compared with cutting slidey garbage bags into squares. It used to be quite the production, but I always finished with that satisfied, thrifty glow. I was ready to go back to the old way, after the first small group this morning. The masking tape wasn't sticking to the plastic - complete disaster. You can't fashion a proper parachute if the strings refuse to stay attached. So, I retrieved the transparent tape from the classroom - nearly as bad. bleh, bleh, double bleh
Luckily, I thought to grab 5 home type dispensers when I traveled home to feed F lunch. Once again, the PMers have all the luck! :>)
UPDATE: F and I, took an after school trip to Costco to pick-up a prescription and do some grocery shopping. Since our list held more than her lap ever could, we decided to try the cart that attaches to the front of a wheel chair. Sweet Sue, at the front, tried to talk her into a motorized cart instead. We explained that she's more comfortable in her own chair. While the WC cart doesn't hold even half what their regular carts can, it worked very well. At first, I thought the turning radius was going to be a major problem. It can be difficult enough to maneuver around Salem shoppers. Eye contact is such an unspoken taboo around here and eye contact is so helpful in negotiating between and around other shoppers. But it was just fine and I feel like I had a nice workout. ;>)
After all that, she's making dinner for us now. Me? I'm enjoying happy hour with you. Yes, my ear is tuned to help out (she is beginning to tire waay out). I'm not completely numb . . . yet.

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