Monday, April 7, 2008

Recovered from the week before and heading into the new one.

We spent our weekend recharging the old "battrees". I completed all the chores I put on my mental list, except for one.
Not bad, not bad.
Yesterday, we spent most of our day on our "Extreme Aquarium Makeover". Ever since we've had this aquarium, it's had a big problem with nasty brown algae that grows in sheets and covers things so quickly. Smells nasty, too! I thought it had something to do with the salt someone told us to add when we bought the first batch of fish for this aquarium. Hard to say, but now we have new gravel, new fake plants, a new decorative feature AND all is scrubbed and shiny clean. We were looking at fish while at the pet store. The big fish look like a tempting idea. We thought perhaps they'd make a more stunning statement than the wee ones we usually get. F, was totally weirded out when we mentioned the possibility of her sharing the living room with a 5 to 8 inch fish or two. She thinks a puppy sounds much better. :>D
N and I, went and had a nice relaxing early dinner at Boone's Treasury yesterday. Since we so rarely go out to dinner anymore, we don't get a chance to talk one on one like we should.
We came home, and N put the aquarium back together. Then we took F out for an excursion to Freddy's.

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