Thursday, April 24, 2008

STILL searching for the perfect foam glider . . .

I did the final science unit on flight today with the short people. Every year I look for gliders to give them - that will at least hold up during our science flying time. This year, I decided to check Ebay, after getting tired of finding the same old options in the same old places. I searched and found a good deal on just the right amount of brightly colored dinosaur gliders. The photo the Ebay seller had posted made the gliders look sturdier than the usual ones I buy. And that was the selling point. In the past, I've hesitated buying the dinosaur gliders. Only because I wanted the kids to have "airplanes" NOT dinos. I opened the box when it arrived, put one together and flew it around the house. Not only did it a glide high and smoothly, but the foam really was thicker. Kim did science before our class this week and told me the disappointing news the following day. By the end of each science group, she had put at least two pieces of tape on every glider. And so I had a volunteer parent tape ours up for reinforcement. The first group's gliders were breaking just like Kim's, even with the preventative taping. I tried adding more tape to another spot and that helped a little. I don't know if the gliders were old and brittle or what, but it's darned disappointing. The short people took it well and had fun regardless.
F and I, made a veggie run to Freddy's after work today. For the first time ever, I sat in the car to avoid an old little league parent/coach, who I knew would ask all kinds of questions about F being in a wheelchair. I just didn't feel like doing it for the umpteenth time. She wanted to know why I wasn't getting out of the car and once the explanation was out of my mouth I wished it back. Her feelings weren't hurt. She understood, but I still felt bad for saying it out loud.

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