Saturday, April 26, 2008

There and back in 24 hours

Merry Christmas to us! :>)
We cashed in our Capitol Steps tickets last night. {Which reminds me- we really, really need to make plans to cash in our River Grill gift card :>O. I'm so sorry, sister!} We laughed ourselves silly during Cap Steps. The Larry Craig song/skit was gut splitting. As well as the majority of the others. I looove Lirty Dies, as usual! It's good to laugh out loud.

We woke early, knowing that if we went back to snooze mode we'd never make it to breakfast with the folks on time. And so I popped into the shower and chatted with b.i.l. K, while sis and N got ready. We even had time to watch the Texas slide show before leaving to eat.
Wow, the last time I remember being at the Columbia Inn was in the mid-seventies. Thank heavens it's been updated! Gone are the big, eerie, plastic dolls, coffee cup collection and Elvis memorabilia that used to line a continuous shelf near the ceiling. I also have a vague recollection of busy carpet, dark curtains and a cavernous dining area. All gone, along with the stinky cigarette smoke.
We had a fun breakfast courtesy of Ma & Pa and also with K & K - full of chatting and sharing and laughing. I was glad Uncle K was there to see and hug. Good planning on someone's part? The short people are going to LOVE the Botswana agates. Thank you, Ma & Pa!!
After hugging and kissing everyone goodbye, we drove south on the freeway. We stopped at Ikea to buy a duvet that truly fits the new duvet cover. Then we did another quick stop at Trader Joe's to pick the girl up some more chocolate covered espresso beans and meringue cookies.
Once we arrived back in town, we stopped to buy; a male paradise fish to replace the nighttime jumper, 2 new headlight bulbs and to have a chat with LaZy Boy to let them know we weren't happy about the extra, extra long delay in the delivery of our chair. We expect a phone call on Monday. Most likely offering a loaner chair, while waiting for ours. I know, I know, we should ask for our money back and go elsewhere, but the chair is so comfy and the fabric is such a good match.
F is feeding us leftovers of asparagus & mushroom risotto with steamed artichokes for dinner. She must've gone all out for the boy last night.
I huffed and puffed once we came in the house - picking up dirty dishes and cleaning a sticky floor.
Breathe in, breathe out . . . Stop and take a look around. Well, okay, the boy did wash the dinner dishes, fed the cat, tended the girl. I should and will let it go. Bad Karmen!!
On the way home, N and I wondered why we didn't think to take all of our pictures with the folk's new cell phone for our phone number display. {sigh}
Hopefully, N and I can stay awake to watch Seabiscuit tonight . . .

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