Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whiz bang day

Whew! Where's my drink??
Oh! Thank you, N!
That kinda sums up how I feel after today.
TJ subbed today (and will Thursday and Friday, as well). I like knowing that all will be in control, but it helps to have EVERYthing we need ready to go and written out. I wasn't confident enough to keep the math plan that was scheduled. I never saw the short people learn to play that particular game. AND pandemonium is a bad thing when there's a sub . . . or anytime. It didn't help that we couldn't find all the parts we needed either. Thank you TJ for being flexible enough to let me make that change. Lil Tee had a bad day and I don't know if it was due to the change in leadership and schedule, but there she was crawling around on the floor and under the tables. Thank goodness we had two parents to help us out in the AM.
I imagine the PM went super. Since TJ had her first run through and had sweet, super Kimmy subbing for me.
F and I, went to see Dr. Weeks. She said something good - "I've been avoiding putting F on narcotics, but this pain isn't going away, is it? Let's try this Fentanyl patch. It's supposed to deliver pain relief at a steady rate." We're ready. Only drawback is having to go to a different pharmacy, as Costco doesn't like to deal with drugs with a quick expiration date. Plus we have to wait for the weekend. It's necessary to monitor for the first 12 hours. F had hysterics (later in the car, of course) over Dr. Weeks asking me if I was familiar with being around someone who was stoned. I'm oh so glad she waited.
We went directly from Salem Clinic to Dr. Pitchford's office. F seemed pleased after her first visit. Good golly Miss Molly, that calendar is starting to look like the old Little League days of yore!
We stopped at Costco to gas up, get some groceries and pick-up MY prescription. We're both wiped, but F still took the time to make us dinner.

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