Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seemed like old times, OHSU elevators and hallways . . .

Okay, so my words have too many syllables! It almost worked . . .

It may have seemed like old times today, but it definitely was NOT "still a thrill". Although . . . there can be different kinds of thrills, right? Vicarious, frightening, hair raising, once in a lifetime - time to stop?
We made it there on time and didn't get lost once. Dr. Oleg Kouskov, the Fellow we saw in the hospital, was in charge of F's pulmonary check-back appointment. He's very sweet and very thorough. The receptionist laughed over how long we spent with him. Let's be clear, we didn't spend the entire 4 hours with him. He sent F down to have another CAT scan, when we first arrived. Her lungs look much better, although you can still see some of the damage/scar tissue that is present. All of the air that was over her heart and elsewhere in her chest cavity, is gone. They gave her a lung test that showed her lungs are now 60% of what a healthy 23 year old female should be. An improvement from where she was, but low enough that they want to see her back again in 3 months. Dr. Kouskov, said the next appointment will be more intensive. He set her up for a consultation with a surgeon (for a second opinion on her abdominal pain) - Dr. Brett Sheppard. He assured us that he's careful and thoughtful, not eager to cut.
We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. Who cares if it was rush hour?! I needed my B-Complex replenished! Did I mention that we shopped when we were hungry? In a place where they have many tasty items? So much chocolate and all evening to enjoy! :>D

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