Thursday, May 1, 2008

A bit of a rush

When I was driving up our road on my way home to fix F's lunch this afternoon, I spotted a police car parked just above our driveway. As I pulled into the driveway, I began searching for any possible signs of a problem; front door closed, garage closed, gate closed, no sign of damage or people anywhere.
"F, is everything okay?"
"Yup! How come?"
Whew! I wonder if something happened to our diabetic neighbor up above. We've heard stories from neighbors about friends finding him unconscious in his house, after not hearing from him for a period of time. I hope he's okay.
T'was an exhausting day with the short people. I don't think it was them. But there was tension in the air.
Why does it bother me that one of the Salem Food bloggers posted about Applebee's this morning? I don't think it's just the restaurant choice. The spelling errors and the posting of half the menu bothered me, too. Is editing or spell checking so tough? Unless it's a casual communication, I feel it reduces the author's credibility and diverts my attention from what they had to say.
Hark! I hear laundry calling my name!

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