Monday, May 26, 2008

Closing my eyes to good comedy

Last night, Fran began to feel better. The cough is slowly diminishing and she felt like she'd finally gotten some sleep. Those last two probably go together, don't they?
We celebrated by watching TV via the laptop. I do wonder if feeling sad over not being fit enough to join J's family this weekend, made her feel even worse.
She had missed the last two episodes of The Office. So, we played the one only she had missed while we made dinner and then watched the final episode together. That was some ending! We ended our TV watching with three episodes of the Brit comedy (similar to Friends), "Coupling". Fran wanted to continue to the following episode, but my eyes weren't able to stay open any longer.
N has a concert in Corvallis this afternoon. Time to start thinking about the timing of everything . . .

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