Friday, May 16, 2008

Dang! It's hot enough to to melt a doormat!

Morning recess?
Not so bad, we knew it was going to be warm.
Afternoon recess? Holy moley!
The bars were hot, the slide was hot and the pebbles on the playground were hot. I took the short people around the track, but told them they had to stay behind me to keep the runners from over doing it. I had to rein them in a few times, but we did it. It felt like a furnace on that blacktop along with the brick building. Thank goodness for the shaded covered area! It's where 98% of us stayed after walking the track.
After school, there was a reception for our new principal. Her name is Janet Prats and this will be her first school year as a principal. We're relieved to meet her, but still anxious about what to expect. She immediately found out what a bunch of mothers we are, when she told us she was commuting all the way from Dundee. She had to calm us down by telling us her house is on the market.
J called to see what our plans are for retrieving Fran. I told him that we'll most likely drive down on Sunday. BUT we won't repeat the quick down and quick back this time. He sounded stuffed up and I could hear her coughing in the background. Poor Fran! I tried so hard not to share any water bottles with her. bleh bleh bleh

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