Monday, May 12, 2008

. . . here a jpg, there a jpg, everywhere a jpg . . .

I thought I was being so efficient this morning when I began searching for jpgs from this past school year. I figured the computer would need more time to search than what I'd be home for. Unfortunately, it finished about 45 minutes before I needed to leave. Which left me time to sit down and get so absorbed, I was nearly late to work. tsk tsk
I've finished sorting them, putting them in AM and PM files and transferring the albums to my google picasa folders. Now, hopefully, Laura will be able to pick them up from there to make her slide show. She wanted to do it on her own and since she has a mac and has problems figuring out how to go from one format to the other, I hope this is the best method for her. We shall see.
I brought one of the school's old computers home to retrieve photos of Bill to burn to a CD or DVD. This should be fun - it's an old dinosaur AND it has all 1000+ photos in one file. Aiy aiy aiy!! I picture that old beast sitting on our dining room table and running non-stop for quite awhile. {sigh} I wanted to install Picasa on it to help with the organizing, but it's been set-up for students to use it and won't allow me to make any program changes. {sigh again} If I need to, I'll ask Judy tomorrow if she knows how to bypass that hurtle.
Fran returned my call this afternoon. She wore herself out this past weekend. I knew that would happen.

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