Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'd give you my blood if you needed it

Ah, blood date went well. I think that's the fastest ever. They said that there had been a lot of cancellations due to illness. They weren't kidding. My phlebotomist knew how to put that needle in. Afterwards, I had a good time interviewing volunteer John Trigg at the snack table. That's what it seemed like I was doing to him. I wanted to eat my cookies, but I wanted to listen to him talk about his life. Every 9 weeks I learn a little more about him.
We went to Willamette Valley Grill for dinner. Lately, I've been hearing about them on the Eat Salem blog. One of the bloggers said that they have fondue on Wednesday. That seemed like reason enough to visit. Their prices were higher than we like to spend on a casual dinner out. So we ordered a couple of spinach salads, a tomato, basil, feta appetizer and the fondue instead of a regular meal. Everything was good, but I don't know if we'll return anytime soon. We already have somewhere we like to go for special nights out - Amadeus. :>) Their food is amazing.
When I called Fran this evening, she told me she has a cold. Ugh! I sure hope it doesn't go into her chest. She doesn't need that. Not at all.

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