Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh honey, oh sugar, sugar . .

This evening, N and I, have been trying to make sense out of Fran's appointments next week. Tomorrow, I need to remember to call and change one of her June 5th appointments to another day. It ends up overlapping with the PT appointment earlier in the afternoon. {juggle, juggle} I'm so glad N is able to take the majority of her appointments until I'm out of school. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to the afternoon class. "Do you have to take your daughter to the doctor again?", they ask each time.
More stories posted on the Jansen-Prock family blog. So cool! I sent more pages to Aunt Martha yesterday and asked her to share with the other aunts and uncles. I would think reading Dad's accounts would make their hands begin to itch with the urge to put their versions of the family history on paper.
Ah! Only minutes left before bedtime. I best get out of this computer chair!


Lise M said...

So...tell me...whats the real story about the tattoo?

KandN said...

Well, it's a pretty little butterfly, with curly antennae and a rose for a body. I didn't know if I'd like it on the inside of my arm, but now I think it's a perfect place to have put it.