Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oy! Is it Friday yet?

Okay, I understand the need to assess the short people. Of course, I do. It's just that the AMers are so . . . exuberant. Yeah, that's it! And I'm not always ready to deal with the exuberance of 27 short people early in the morning for 3.5 hours, while one of them is getting assessed. Get over it, I hear you say. Yeah, I'll try. I mean, gee whiz, there's really not that many days left, are there? And yes, I will miss them mid-June. 98.9% of them.
Today was our kindergarten lunch day and tomorrow we go to the children's museum. What's that bumper sticker say? Is it, "get in, sit down, buckle up, shut up and hang on"?

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