Saturday, May 3, 2008

Poor F . . .

We should know better.
I feel like such a lousy mother when I'm so clueless about how much F is capable of in one afternoon. {sigh}
She's been wanting to go to Saturday Market AND to buy some herbs to make an herb garden in the backyard border. Saturday Market was as busy as I've ever seen it, but it was the first one of the season. The decent weather probably drew the people in, too. We browsed the aisles, ran into Sandy from my work with her oldest daughter and her mother-in-law. So many cute dogs!
Then we drove out of town to Bauman's Farm. They were also packed with people. We found some herbs, heirloom tomato plants and Marionberry scones. Fessler's Nursery, is out in the same area, so we decided to head out there as well. Good thought as far as conserving gas and time, but a bad idea to push F that far. She decided to stay outside rather than in the greenhouses, since navigating in the wheelchair in the graveled areas was particularly tough on her. The jostling of her body and having to use her feet to help budge the stuck chair took a lot out of her. Then it began to pour down rain a short while after we arrived. It was difficult and frustrating for F to stay out of the way of customers in the narrow greenhouse lanes.
Ah, but that wasn't enough suffering to subject her to! We also stopped to try out the new Sonic in town. She said it was okay, but I'm sure she just wanted to be home curled up on the couch.
Sorry F! I'll try to be a better advocate for you and not so selfish next time.
The good news is that the loaner for the recliner arrived this morning. Now we'll see how that works for her.

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