Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ranking those all important television watching priorities . . .

Last night, I stayed up to watch two episodes of Cranford we had taped. All because I was beginning to feel the pressure of a filled video tape, an unwatched Netflix movie and a co-worker telling me how good the ending was.
Turns out we missed the tail end - the tape ran out. So many of the stories within the story had concluded, it's hard to say just how much we missed. Such a sweet, delightful mini-series! I love films that make you laugh out loud and cry. This one pulled me all the way in. No standing back and scrutinizing plot or character issues.
Fran has two oddly scheduled appointments today, making it necessary for me to take the entire day. We need to remember to ask Dr. Weeks for a referral to the new pain doctor in town (Leslie recommended him) and to have her fill out the insurance form to keep Fran covered. Will a 15 minute appointment suffice? Will she listen to her chest sounds? Stay tuned . . .
Yesterday, during science, we did the tried and true "sink or float". Somehow, who knows how, the conversation led to "who does chores at home?". I think it happened when we tested to see if an orange or apple would sink or float and I asked if they thought a watermelon would float, too. I told them they could ask their dads if they could fill the bathtub with water to find out. One of them piped up that they wouldn't ask their mom, because mom has too many jobs. "Do you help clean at home?", I asked. There were only one or two hands in each group that stayed down. I was glad to see short people are still being given chores to do at home. I told them how important it will be to know how to do those things when they're all grown up and have a place of their own.

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