Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ring, ring, telephone ring - I've got Linda Gray on the tellyphone

"Geez, Linda! I can't believe you didn't tell me about that meeting after school today!"
Me thinks she did it on purpose - to spare me from taking more minutes away from Fran. That would be just like that Linda. Besides, I think she already decided what they'd have me do for the "big guy's retirement". Wow, a slide show. Too bad we don't have an awesome computer with amazing editing software to use at school. {sigh} The good part of that is they won't be expecting anything amazing or awesome. ;>)
I stopped at Freddy's on the way home to pick up the girl's pain patches. I remarked to the pharmacist on how big the boxes were this time. "Yeah, but the patches are probably still as small. I bet they just made the box big." I should be used to companies doing that. I can still remember when software went from several floppies and a fat manual in a box, to a CD with a tri-fold insert inside of the same size of box. "rattle rattle"
Fran and I, hope to start getting her packed tonight. So we can leave as early as possible to take her down to Roseburg. I'm glad she gets a week with the boy. :>)

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