Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday is alright with me

Mom & Dad, arrived just in time to stop me from taking the refrigerator apart and cleaning all the bits and pieces. At least I can say that now. :>)
We sat around and visited and then went out to eat at Marco Polo. Good old brown rice and beef curry! Then we drove home to dress for the concert. I was amazed at our good timing. Something we usually fail miserably at. It was a good concert except the conductor's microphone level was set for a 20 year old's ears - not ours. I was relieved to hear the people in front and behind us asking each other, "what did he say?". The young woman who won the Salem Pops scholarship last year, returned to play her violin for the audience. Excellent tone and quality of play! Her encore piece was "The Ashokan Farewell", the same piece played at N's mother's funeral by the cousins.

N made us a delicious Mother's Day breakfast with roasted red potatoes, ham, broccoli, sausage, eggs and mushrooms. Then we drove out to Guentner's Gardens to browse their greenhouses. I ended up running into 3 kindergarten (past and present) families while we were there. :>)
The new chair is here. The delivery guys suggested that the chair wasn't ordered back in March and that's what the delay was. Now why oh why couldn't the sales person and assistant manager just tell us the truth?? After hearing that, I remembered there had been a problem with the computer system not operating when she entered our order. Now it all makes sense. tsk tsk So much for word of mouth recommendations . . .

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