Friday, May 2, 2008

So . . . who's in charge of making the iced tea and fetching my slippers??

Today was one busy day. The clay lady, Mrs. Stecker, came and showed us how to add a dinosaur head and tail to our effigy pots. The bowls are going to be awesome. She's such an amazing art teacher.
We had so much help this morning, the process went fairly smoothly. This afternoon we were missing the 4 extra helpers, but we made it. It'll be interesting to see the difference in the finished products. Will the AM bowls look like an adult took too much control, compared with the more child finished PM bowls?
Our art is all stapled to the kiva walls for Evening of the Arts. One more item checked off the end of the year list. :>) I best get cracking on those science certificates.
F is busy making a veggie filled dinner and N is out for a bike ride. Me? I'm enjoying a beer and typing with you. I DID do some laundry and vacuum after work today. I'm not a TOTAL slacker.

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