Thursday, May 22, 2008

The tipping point

It can be hard to understand how much is too much. Especially, when it's not you and the person you're trying to be there for is experiencing something you can't fathom.
N and I, have to focus and pay close attention to Fran's schedule and every activity or else her body will make her suffer the following 24 -48 hours. Every minute she sits up, whether it's in the car, in her chair, in the kitchen or in the shower, takes a toll on her. I try to make sure her outings are as frequent (every other day or so) as possible, but also less than an hour. Yeah, an hour a day is about the right amount. She'll try, under certain circumstances, to participate for much longer than an hour (over an entire day), but as I mentioned earlier - it's too much and her body will punish her.
So, we're learning to pay close attention to the clock ALL the time, because being a little bit active every day is better than being wiped for three days after being way too active for one day.

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