Friday, May 30, 2008


How lucky am I?
I received treasure via the USPS in a plain white envelope!
Not just a beautiful bracelet, but a beautiful bracelet made by Lise. :>)
I want to keep it on all the time, but since I don't want to break it . . .

Yay! No Fran appointments today! I'm so glad she has Kathy Kosboth for a physical therapist. What a gift! She tried Fran out with a forearm crutch/brace yesterday.

Our school trip to the children's museum was a success yesterday - no short people lost and it didn't rain. The museum is always so packed to the gills, I wonder how much exploration is really possible. It's more like we're learning to navigate in a crowded place. Their favorite place every year is the wonderful playground. I think we just need a field trip to a great playground with a bubble room. Those seem to be the highlights for the kids.

I'm getting closer to getting the photo journals done. I only have about 8-10 missing photos. I'd like to get those taken today.

Fran and I, watched a couple of episodes of Coupling last night - until my eyes could no longer stay open. N was at band rehearsal.
Tomorrow is Eat Salem night! Ya hoo! Big Foot, here we come!

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