Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Well, THAT'S done . . .
N and I, (mostly N, thankfully) unloaded pretty much the entire past 14+ months on Dr. Pitchford this afternoon. I can't believe we sat and talked non-stop for more than an hour. She said that knowing the entire story will help her to understand Fran better and to assist her with coping. The toughest part, aside from the emotional aspect, was remembering the sequence of events. It's helped to write most of it down these past months.
Later, while we were eating dinner, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was little Kevin our boy next door. He wanted to know if N could come out to play. I had to tell him no, that N was about ready to leave for his band practice. I suddenly felt 20 years younger. :>D


Lise M said...

Can Normie come out to play? What kind of playing? Riding bikes? Playing basketball? Marbles?

KandN said...

Badminton - which I thought was spelled more like a bad mitten. :>.
He was suddenly in the house, while I stood holding the door talking to him. Your papa was relaxing in his boxers and eating dinner. He was SURE that Kev couldn't see over the couch. I hope so, I'd hate to hear the stories going around the neighborhood!!