Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Woo Wee babee!

I don't believe it! There must be a mistake somewhere in amongst all these posts, but I think I'm finished switching over! Ya-hoooo!

I was hoping there would be more interest in posting on the Prock & Jansen blog. I hope it's not due to "ownership" issues. I'd rather it be due to being shy about being a blogger. That can be overcome with time. I have so few memories of G'ma and G'pa. I have more about the aunts and uncles.
I've been messing up which appointments N is in charge of. I had written down the opposite of what we had agreed upon on the home calendar, but had it right at work. Then I had a moment of concern about which days I had asked for a sub on. A little extra anxiety can't hurt, right???
F is up and cooking away after prepping piles of veggies. Hey girl! Where's my red meat? ;>)
I like the look of this new blog and it'll be nice to have all the blogs in one spot. I also like being able to post a movie that works from here instead of having people end up in my albums.
Well, I better go see if the girl needs a hand.

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Lise M said...

I am subscribing to this blog on google reader post haste!