Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Tube to the rescue!

Okay, I'm amazed, truly amazed. We missed the tail end of Cranford last night. I went to YouTube just for the heck of it to see if anyone had posted the episode or a part perhaps. And there it was - the 5 minutes we missed.
Yesterday, Fran shared that her abdominal pain had changed. She said that the intensity was the same, but now it's lower and closer to the surface. She said that her incision seems to be changing, too. Fran talked about it with Kathy at PT this morning and Kathy wonders if the new techniques she's employing may be changing the scar tissue. If Kathy is releasing the possible attachment, that would be a good thing.
Fran said that Kathy chastised her twice for wearing herself out last week. Sounds like good advice to me.
Fran's appointment with Dr. Weeks this afternoon went well. She's going to do the referral for Dr. Hero and fill out the insurance papers. She also - wait for it - listened to her chest sounds!! She didn't tell us what she heard, but at the end of the appointment she handed us a prescription for a strong antibiotic.
Fran's been worn out most of the day. After going to Costco pharmacy the second time (she stayed in the car the last visit), I took her home and fed her some cottage cheese, a small berry smoothie and apple slices with peanut butter. She'll eat on that until we head to bed.
UPDATE: We began watching "Millions" last night. So far, it's a sweet, creative, charming movie.

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