Friday, July 4, 2008


N and I, are either too absorbed in our morning internet surfing to care about food OR it's a "breakfast standoff". Maybe it's because we're both fairly sure there aren't enough eggs to make anything much and so - oatmeal can wait? Maybe our blueberry dessert it still sticking to our ribs? Or maybe we feel entitled to a lazy morning.

Yesterday, Fran suffered throughout the day and night as the result of her PT appointment. I'm concerned that there will be a big gap in her treatment, since it's time for Dr. Weeks to assess whether to continue with PT.

N and one of the resident squirrels are having a conversation. The squirrel's probably telling him to go back in the house. "Thees is OUR time to scramble all over your yard, the trees and eat the bird food! Stupeed human, go back inside!"
Hmmmm, time for a coffee refill . . . .

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