Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Market and a ride on the red eye

We're doing a good job of staying on a schedule that will get all 3 of us down to investigate the Salem Public Market. Fran has been looking up the local farmer's markets online and in the paper. She's hoping to find the best resource for locally grown veggies. I went to the Salem Public Market years ago with Shirley. I don't have much of a memory of that visit except that it was inside with friendly vendors and it seemed so early in the morning to me. I mean 8-12 on a Saturday?? ;>)
Around 2, N and I will head to Bend for Mandy and Eric's wedding. When it's over, we'll turn right around and make that drive home. Whew! Don't forget the CD wallet, K!
We hooked the laptop up to the TV and watched part three of Dr. Horrible. That show is awesome! What a great idea that group had to stay occupied during the long strike.
Fran and I, had a busy day yesterday. We started off with a visit to Leslie, shopped at PetCo, looked for a cheap play yard at ToysRus, bought a couple of mochas and then went to her appointment with Dr. Weeks. We asked her for the stronger pain patches, got a referral (thank you Cathy!) to the osteopath in Portland and showed her the edema yet again. We headed towards home, stopped at Freddy's to drop off the prescription and picked up some produce. The girl was pretty wiped last night, but we had a good time together.

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