Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and what exactly is the definition of *free*?

It's been a long time since N and I have done a "seat of the pants" stir-fry. Thank goodness, I still had a bottle of one of the sauces we used to use. I was worried it would be too hot without using a mixture of the regular with the hot, but it was fine. Great, in fact! Maybe aging makes it mellower?
I read a cooking blog the other day and they shared a recipe for their own seat of the pants quick dinner stir-fry. They like to make a mess of stir-fried cabbage with some Chinese hot sauce, soy sauce and a few other ingredients. One of their favorites, but who would've guessed.
Fran's asleep and has the remote. None of us has gone to retrieve it, but then all 3 of us have a computer we're messing with, too.
I'm uploading new videos to the kg blog. Not the most exciting videos, but they're cute. I feel bad for not getting everyone in the PM, but since we have one family who wishes to abstain from the vids I avoid the table where their child sits.
Signing off from my cozy house. :>)
PS for Leesee - tomorrow the forearm crutch people will knock on the door. I hope they'll arrive when you're home to answer the door. Love you!

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