Thursday, February 12, 2009

Church Meeting

I don't know if we'll get back into our Wednesday night groove again, but it was nice to sit across the table from N for a leisurely evening out. Once again I'm amazed at the very full parking lot at Thompson's and walking in to find available tables. It HAS to be due to a majority of diners driving their own car. I'm finally getting used to the wait staff warning about delayed meals from their kitchen. Heck, we don't go there for fast food! The complaints must have increased enough that the managers decided they need to say something?
There was a vehicle with government plates in Thompson's parking lot and the conversation from the table next to us seemed to match. Now I'm even more curious whether there was some kind of law enforcement gathering in town. My first nudge came from the stats page showing someone from the Canadian Mounties was looking up places to eat in town. NASA visited this morning, but their search was more generic - citywise.
Onward to Thursday and an afternoon dental check-up.

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