Sunday, February 1, 2009

February is such a tidy month this year

We watched Amazing Grace, our Netflix movie, last night. Very well done, although I wouldn't call it outstanding. I found it interesting to learn about William Wilberforce and his role in making the slave trade illegal in Great Britain.
I'm trying to decide what to do today. I did the bulk of my weekend chores yesterday so today would be more laid back. It was good to have clean sheets, but what was NOT good was finding out that one of the cats had loosened the wall plug for the waterbed heater again. Brrrr!! We found an extra quilt to lay on top of the bottom sheet to keep us warm. Sleeping alone probably wouldn't have worked, but the quilt and having each other made it workable.
I have two canine buddies on the loveseat with me supervising my typing. I'm glad Izzy and Zuzu have the opportunity to play together in the mornings. They're so fun to watch. Izzy's become less concerned about the slapping paws and Zuzu has become more curious about being able to touch Izzy's face without her jumping away.

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We could have been neighbors! I lived in Salem for 30 years and now live in Bandon. It's fun to read about what you're doing (eating) as I know the town so well. I ran across your blog through our shared interest of "Pink Martini". Linda