Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm happy to share with you. Are you happy to share with me?

I'm glad I was fairly well prepared mentally for the Monday that is really a Tuesday. Our science magnet lesson went well. I added a few things for the PMers, but they're ready to listen and absorb compared to the wiggly, noisy AM. I love those cow magnets! Especially the part where I tell them why they're called cow magnets.

L and I worked on a new seating chart. It's past time to correct some issues and put some new short people together for social variety. It'll be interesting to see how the latest experiment pans out. ;>)

My email to the schnauzer lady brought a reply of an available 8 year old female. I wonder how that would work in the household? If she's a retired breeding dog, she'll be used to having other animals around. The downside would be having only 4 or so years of her companionship.

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