Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joining the club

I was hoping to avoid membership for several more years - but today I was recruited into the "you need a crown" club. bleh I was able to put it off until June, since it's not an emergency.
BUT I've put off my valentines long enough. They're printed, now to cut them apart and tape the wee candy bars on. (I love that Little Brown Bear by Johnny Gruelle!) I wanted to get something special for our 3 peanut allergic children, but most candy seems to have the warning.
On my way home from work today I saw something that made me curious about "the rest of the story". A big Dodge truck was parked on the shoulder. The driver looked like he was checking out a tire. I slowed down (just to be cautious and courteous) as I passed by and sitting on top of the front tire was a big, fluffy, grey, striped cat. In my rear view mirror I saw the man continue to walk around and check out his truck. He had to be looking for that cat, right?

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Lise M said...

so not like a queen's crown? Thats what I assumed. Aren't I silly?