Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meandering morning post

Hmmmm, remembering why I don't like my coffee on the weak side . . . :>P

N's making a big breakfast :>) and Izzy is chewing on a toy. Oops! I mean she chewed up one of her toys! One of her favorites, too. It's been fun to watch her bat that ball around and carry it to the kitchen floor where she can get more action with it.

My Gmail page is showing rain, but it's not here yet.

N and I were going to go to a new local bistro for dessert last night (8:30), but chickened out when we saw an empty parking lot. We've never been able to get past that over all these years. N suggested we use the gift certificate for breakfast or lunch. Salem Man is waaay too generous. Especially when I compare the work Lise and I have done compared to all he does on the blog.

I hope Lise doesn't sleep in too long this morning. It would be nice to go find something to do.

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