Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out and about

I had a prescription waiting to be picked up at Costco, so that's the first place we stopped at this afternoon. Traffic was backed up getting into the parking lot, but we lucked out in finding a spot to park. Oh yeah, not only is it a Saturday, BUT it's payday, too.
Next we drove to West Salem to visit Orchard Hts. Vineyard. I wanted to take a better look at their giftshop. Their toffee and chocolate covered macadamia nuts make a great gift. Plus they have a nice tea and candle assortment.
Since we were in the vicinity we stopped at Eola Winery to taste and buy. We like the discount we receive as members of their cork sniffing club.
We tried watching our latest Netflix movie, A License to Wed, tonight. I was sure it would be a fun movie to watch in spite of the reviews. No such luck. Probably one of those good ideas with poor execution? It was hard to watch and it just wasn't that funny.
Last night I did enjoy the Audrey Tautou romantic comedy, Priceless, I streamed on the laptop via Netflix's site.

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