Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Petri Dish

{After writing the title I can't get the image of Petri from The Muppet Show out of my head . . . }
Fran and I had our unexpected appointment date this afternoon. I sure hope everything went okay with the short people. {sigh}
After she was done with Cathy, we stopped off at Costco. As we waited in line at the gas pumps, we grumbled and griped over the Washingtonian breaking line to scoot in front of the person just finishing up at the second from the front pump. "What is that dummy doing?! Oh!! He's from Washington!" Funny to think that the state to the north of us has a different culture when it comes to waiting in line to gas up. I've never witnessed a Californian do this. Have you?
Wonderful Cathy was able to adjust the new forearm crutches to the correct height. :>)
I knew she'd be the solution.
Izzy and I are still a wee bit skunky round the edges. Her collar is waay stinky, tho. And it's been soaking all day; first in lime juice, then DeSolvIt and now hydrogen peroxide. Guess I should go invest in some Summer's Eve . . .

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!! In WA, we say, "what's that crazy Oregonian doing?" In fact we just said that last time we went clam digging and some OR's zoomed past the two lines waiting to get off the beach and crowded in up ahead of everyone. We were very rude back when we finally got up there and wouldn't let the crowders in ahead of us.