Monday, February 2, 2009

Tales from the Monday

It was good seeing and being able to chat with Cathy after 2 months.
I'm glad Fran's back in the saddle. It's been almost a year since she was in OHSU for those 13 agonizing days. Thanks to the short people's parents keeping their sick children home and my flu shot, I haven't been sick this school year. Me well = Fran well.
On Thursday her fore arm crutches will be delivered. I need to remember to call them and let them know that it may take some time for the door to be answered if Lise has left for work.
N's out in the garage getting the area around the furnace tidy for tomorrow's replacement. It'll be good to have a more efficient furnace and water heater. It'll be good to get the tax credits for next year's taxes and to have our monthly bills reduced. AND it would be good if the new furnace will last as long as this one has.
I sent Google an email yesterday. I want them to make a device I can hang on the wall that displays my Picasa photos in a slide show above my google calendar. I think it would be AWESOME. Like they'll listen to me! Hahaha!

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