Sunday, February 8, 2009


Let's see how that shared to do list does today. I'd be pleased if people picked 3 things apiece to accomplish. Funny how assumed roles can carry out through people's lives. Probably for different reasons? But now? "Together Everyone Accomplishes More"
One chore a day? Maybe when you were a child that would've sufficed.

It was fun at Eat Salem night last night. I was surprised at how anxious I was waiting for people to arrive. Once I saw and met them they seemed so familiar. I thought maybe it was the holiday slide show, but now I'm pretty sure I remember them from our first ES night at Apizza. While we paid for our meal that night, a famly was over by the foosball table, checking it out.

Now to figure out the details of picking up Fran and Izzy today. That'll be a chunk of our day, but we're happy to do it for the girl.

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