Monday, February 23, 2009

What a difference a day makes

I'm glad to see that L's J is back to his old self after another reclusive Sunday. Good to hear him visiting and laughing in the living room with N and Fran.
I took Fran to her Cathy appointment this afternoon. Cathy believes as N and I do that perhaps the progress isn't enough to continue with the PT. BUT I'm not entirely certain. It has to be good just for her to be getting up and getting out and having some sort of muscular activity. I KNOW that it's been good for all of us to have Cathy as an advocate and a sounding board. We were all so gun ho when we began this. Now I just feel resigned and beaten. So many deadends, so many disappointments. I want my old Fran back. I want her able to continue on with her life and ambitions. {sigh}
"Ah Izzy! If you want to play, please bring me a toy!"
Tomorrow is 5 senses day in science. I have my "let's read and find out about science" book by Aliki, my hot air popcorn popper, cups for serving and popcorn. I'm not sure what to do about next week's science, since N and I take Fran to her one year lung check up at OHSU. Maybe another day of the week will be necessary.

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