Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where everybody knows my name . . .

After my call to Fran's doctor's office this morning, I was concerned about what the outcome would be. We've had horrible experiences in the past whenever Pat is gone and has a fill in. My phone began to shiver in my pocket during lunch. Happy news! A new prescription was written for a slightly different pill and was ready to pick-up.

Mental note to K: you have errands to run after work.

After a stop at the credit union, I motored across town to the doctors office and picked up that important slip of paper. And then it was off to Costco. I'd forgotten about my membership showing as expired from the day before, but I thought it would be resolved like the manager hopefully suggested. A stop at the photo counter to pick-up short people pics and I discovered that the problem hadn't gone away. Again, Lonnie the manager, came over to override my transaction. The photo clerk told me that if she was me she'd head to the membership counter to make sure it was taken care of. So off I went. I had a good time exchanging ribs and one liners at the expense of the supervisor who was responsible for the incorrect keying in of my membership. Another supervisor was called over. She redid the whole thing and wished me a good day. I took Fran's prescription over to the pharmacy and proceeded to buy a few odds and ends. I unloaded my cart onto the conveyor belt at check-out and went to pull out my card. Oh oh. Where was it?? Membership counter! I told the cashier and she sent someone over to retrieve it. On my way out of the store, I stopped to get my receipt checked and heard someone calling my name. It was the clerk at the photo counter. :>) She'd found a packet of photos from a month ago and remembered I'd just been there.
Nothing like that small town feeling . . . at a major retailing establishment. ;>)

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